Online Training Etiquette Guide

Please arrive on time to the meeting.

Please leave your camera turned on at all times. Let the facilitator know if you have to turn it off.

Mute the sound and remain muted unless the facilitator instructs you to turn it on.

Test audio/microphone before the session to ensure they are working and prevent delay to the course start.

Turn off phone/emails so that full attention can be given to the course.

Use the ‘Chat box’ facility to ask questions, raise concerns/queries and share thoughts.

Appropriate, professional dress should be worn at all times.

Try, where possible to engage in conversation i.e. respond to questions posed when encouraged to participate.

Sharing links to ANY training is forbidden this includes within and beyond your own setting. Only persons that have given permission and paid to purchase the session are eligible to attend the training.

A polite reminder that online training sessions are not to be used for ‘personal’ chat.

Ensure that when accessing the training you are in a conducive environment suitable for learning.

Try, where possible to respect the professional development opportunity by allowing the correct amount of time and space to fully engage.

The safeguarding of children and other adults should remain paramount when accessing the online sessions for example, not allowing children and/or other adults to be seen or heard on screen or via the speaker systems.


We will be following the RESPECT model (online safer recruitment consortium)

Respect people’s right to speak and be heard.

Embrace diversity and enjoy the course.

Sharing information and confidentiality.

Participate safely.

Express your own views and opinions.

Challenge appropriately.

Treat yourself kindly.

And finally…enjoy the session